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A Letter from Dr. Babb to potential partners

More than a decade ago, one of Barbados’ leading newspapers published an article I wrote called Children of Independence.

It suggested the world in 2010 was very different from the one that greeted the founders of Caribbean Independence back in the 1960s and 1970s.

The pioneers of that time helped shape a new reality out of the dehumanising experiences of colonialism and the enslavement of African peoples.

For better or worse, however, that world also shaped them.

Out of the remnants of the past, they created a reality governed by prejudices of many sorts, supported by oppressive, hierarchical, command-and-control structures that are no longer fit for a 21st Century purpose.

Yet, they continue to linger, and are causing irreparable harm as disruption threatens to overwhelm the world.

It has taken longer than I thought, but It is now clear that global financial systems, political and social institutions designed for a post-colonial post-war world are in freefall. They are in a state of what Austrian political economist the late Joseph Schumpeter might call “creative destruction”.

Accelerated by the revolution in digital technologies, we are seeing the demise in real time of silos, hierarchies and structures of control.

The ways people live, learn, work, play, interact, do business, and effect change are being completely transformed.

We are living through nothing less than the death of the old and the birth of something new.

As I wrote back in 2010, new models call for new modalities, and new modalities cry out for new movements.

Every BIT Digital is our collective effort to create new, more empowering movements and communities of practice as the old, oppressive models die.

We are identifying individuals, organisations and other movements aligned with our vision, but also with our mission.

For us, the vision is the ultimate destination.

The mission is the path we are taking to get there.

We have learned through hard experience that it is not enough to share a vision if the pathways to that vision diverge in all the ways that matter.

Two simply cannot walk together unless they agree.

We’d love for you to spend some time on our Every BIT Digital platform and community- building portal, learning about us and the work we’re doing to create a new movement, and new more engaging and empowering mental models that are fit for a new world.

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