Assistant Project Manager

TAPP Digital Incorporated is actively hiring an efficient Assistant Project Manager to contribute to and support the planning and execution of projects. 

The Assistant Project Manager’s responsibilities include monitoring project progress daily, following up with employees on the completion or delay of project phases, scheduling meetings between our employees and clients in addition to creating and managing project documents and reports.

To be successful as an Assistant Project Manager you should be able to perform any tasks assigned by the Project Manager in an efficient and timely manner. Ideal candidates for the Assistant Project Manager position should be able to provide an oversight of all project activities, identify any issues which can occur, and ensure that they are resolved promptly.


  • Work directly with Project Managers to implement, track and report on project goals
  • Delegate tasks to supporting members as appropriate to attain project goals and ensure project goals are achievable
  • Communicate with the relevant Project Manager and team members to maintain project timelines
  • Post updates and communicate with clients throughout the Project Life Cycle
  • Oversee the variable aspects of projects, and provide direct assistance to ensure timely project execution
  • Perform administrative tasks such as preparing invoices, estimates, scheduling and conducting meetings
  • Create proposals and contracts for clients while establishing positive relationships with both new and existing clientele
  • Review project implementation and gather data on project execution after completion.


Successful candidates should possess:

  • A Bachelor’s or Associate Degree in Project Management would be an asset
  • 2-3 years of experience in Project Management or a similar role
  • Highly organised and detail-oriented skills with a passion for ensuring projects proceed efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner
  • Proficiency in Google Workspace, Microsoft Office and Project Management software
  • The ability to multitask while overseeing several projects simultaneously
  • Strong attention to detail and critical thinking skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • The aptitude and desire to work collaboratively to ensure successful project execution
  • A proven ability to generate and deliver reports that provide useful insight into project details