THE MIND OF AN ENTREPRENEUR – Everything Over Talent.

Although I would love to start this article with a meme-worthy catchphrase about entrepreneurship, where I inspirationally summarize that the path to success is the difference between “working hard or hardly working”. Or working smart. Insert obligatory platitude about self-belief [HERE].  Now don’t get me wrong, working smart, confidence, discipline and all of that good […]

Sea Breeze Atelier – Painting the Colors of Life

Giselle Jones is a Barbadian creative entrepreneur who expresses her talents through the artforms of painting, graphic design and culinary creations! We chatted with her for a bit to see how she finds inspiration and approaches challenges while staying authentic to her style of creativity. Read on for more details… Tell us a bit about […]

Is Passion Overrated?

The Mind of an Entrepreneur – In the Stephen King novel, “Needful Things” a soft spoken entrepreneur, named Leland Gaunt opens an antique shop in the fictional town of Castle Rock and sells items which the townspeople became passionately connected to. Unfortunately, Leland destroys any potential for market growth or a loyalty program by manipulating […]