What Is Chat GPT?

By Nadine A. Jack Within the last decade, artificial intelligence has been advancing at an unprecedented pace. One particularly exciting development is the emergence of large language models, like Chat GPT. These models use machine learning techniques to analyse and understand language, allowing them to engage in conversation and answer questions with a level of […]

5 Best Remote Work Tools or Resources

In 2020, Telecommuting became the new normal for much of the world’s workforce. Now, at least 85% of managers believe that having a remote working team will be necessary. In turn, demand for remote working tools and resources has increased. Keep reading to learn about the Five Best Remote Work Tools or Resources.  The products […]

A Brave New World (Order?)

If you’re feeling inundated with all this talk of NFTs and Metaverse(s), and their potential to revolutionize the planet, fear not, you’re not alone. It’s almost as if we went to sleep one night and when we awoke, the world had changed irrevocably.  Regarding NFTs, suddenly those in the know spoke a new language; where […]