Innovating at the Intersections

Co-mingling People and Ideas to Create Lasting Value Barbados is a resilient country, and Barbadians fairly unflappable, enduring unexpected hardship with humour, composure and self-control. Nothing could have cemented this perception more firmly than the last almost four years of managing a major national fiscal crisis while navigating a nearly two-yearlong global pandemic, at the […]

What Is Web 3.0?

With the evolution of the Metaverse, people are becoming increasingly aware of the ways in which they engage with the internet, and you may be curious to know just how many iterations of the internet exist.  To explain what Web 3.0 is though, first, we must define what the Internet and World Wide Web are, […]

What Content Creators should know about NFTs

NFTs suddenly burst onto the scene and grabbed our collective attention when some of them started selling for millions of dollars. Naturally, the public wanted to understand what they were about, how they worked and if they were just another internet scam. NFTs started popping up, especially in conversations among content entrepreneurs and content creators.  […]

What Is Chat GPT?

By Nadine A. Jack Within the last decade, artificial intelligence has been advancing at an unprecedented pace. One particularly exciting development is the emergence of large language models, like Chat GPT. These models use machine learning techniques to analyse and understand language, allowing them to engage in conversation and answer questions with a level of […]