5 Best Remote Work Tools or Resources

In 2020, Telecommuting became the new normal for much of the world’s workforce. Now, at least 85% of managers believe that having a remote working team will be necessary. In turn, demand for remote working tools and resources has increased. Keep reading to learn about the Five Best Remote Work Tools or Resources. 

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Remote Working Physical Products

Since 2009, the number of telecommuting workers worldwide has increased by approximately 159%. This has skyrocketed the demand for products and resources that increase productivity, collaboration, and the comfort of remote workers. 

However, teleworkers struggle with unplugging at the end of the day. In a survey from Statista, about 27% of remote workers said that not having a designated workspace or a definitive separation from their work-life made it difficult to unplug. 

2020 Apple MacBook Air Laptop

As the cornerstone of working remotely, telecommuting workers need a powerful computer that can be efficient and provide their employer with desirable results. The 2020 Apple MacBook Air offers many benefits: 

  • 18-hour battery life for extended workdays
  • Stunning 13.3” Retina display that is crisp and clear for communication
  • Its compatibility is unmatched, capable of using many apps like Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Drive, Microsoft 365, and Zoom

Flexispot Quick Install Standing Desk

Flexispot has developed an innovative solution for a more defined workspace. The Flexispot Standing Desk EC9 is an electric desk capable of quick height adjustments. This well-reviewed product increases work efficiency and allows for sitting and standing.

  • The simple construction allows for fast and easy installation
  • Spacious under-desk space allows remote workers to store all tools they need for the workday
  • Supports a clutter-free environment for fewer distractions and more work

Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones with Mic

This product will facilitate communication in the spirit of a distraction-free work zone. The Sony WH1000XM4 Wireless Headphones are a high-quality product with many well-received reviews. If you’re searching for a reliable set of over-ear headphones, then consider the benefits that they offer.

  • Extended 30-hour battery life and quick charge mode 
  • Dual Noise Sensor technology that offers leading noise cancelling 
  • Seamless switching from music to calls with superior call quality and voice pickup

Remote Working Online Resources


While many companies struggled to adapt to pandemic life, Dropbox did the opposite. Essentially, this product is a cloud-based collaboration tool many businesses can use to store essential files, send files to clients or vendors, and collaborate with your team to manage tasks and communications. 

  • Allows you to share large files 
  • Accessible from any device
  • Many app integrations like Slack, Zoom, Trello, Canvas, and many more


This is another popular collaboration tool for businesses that integrates seamlessly with other tools and resources. It’s an excellent option for hybrid or all-remote work environments and allows any team to message each other with its specialized messaging app. Slack is highly customizable. 

  • Regular feature updates increase the customization of the app
  • Two-factor authentication for each member of the team
  • Channel creation facilitates discussions of specific topics or projects 


Companies that are flexible and able to adapt to teleworking environments are necessary. However, embracing the technology of remote working takes time. Whether employers agree with it or not, telecommuting is here to stay, and they must join in to remain profitable and survive.