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We are Every Bit Digital — a creative collaboration of Caribbean people and companies building virtual communities of practice in the creative-tech sector. Together, we make the connections that power our worlds, helping creators and innovators generate sustainable value.


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What Is Web 3.0?

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International Singer and Songwriter Shontelle Layne Explains NFTs and Musical Innovation

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What Content Creators should know about NFTs

Creative Economy

What Is Chat GPT?


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We Build Communities

By establishing a secure foundation based upon a company’s values and goals, we create communities which evolve collectively while nourishing the skills and attributes of your individual team members.


Nadine Jack
Head Writer, Producer


Creating Better Digital Experiences for Kids and Families

we teach kids and parents the importance of internet safety through custom developed Multimedia and our platforms

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As Barbados transitions to a smart island using technology to make lives easier, it is vital that we also recognise, understand and maintain what is special about our little rock.

Join us on the journey as we build virtual and real communities that showcase the ingenuity of our people and tell captivating stories of how a tiny island nation is embracing the digital age, building smart communities that not only improve our quality of life but that speak to the world about who we are as a people.

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